Lousy Sunday's Dress Code: Street Style on vacations, Corfu.

This beautifull lady is from Austraulia, I met her at the center of Corfu and I was impressed as she can capture all totally the essence of Lousy Sunday's Dress Code! The simplicity of the outfit as well as the combination of beige and yellow is amazing. I loved the color of Celine tote.


Lousy Sunday's Dress Code: Feel free all the way

Oversized Tops are still the must of this year. The combination of mannish-style penny's loafers and an asymmetric shoulder bag makes you feel so free and ready to go for everything which comes along. This is the spirit for the summer. Happy summer, my friends!


Good Morning

Once a year, go someplace you've never been before. " Dalai Lama"


Release Yourself

Feel free wearing your beloved ripped jeans and white top which always indicates that summer's all around. Every summer has a story ;-) It's time to enjoy!


Lousy Sunday's Dress Code: Inspired by Disney

These are some special shoes that Adidas made for the staff of Disneyland in Los Angeles (Anaheim). I was impressed by this fairy world. I loved the design and the colors of the shoes. It is an alternative choice for a lousy Sunday.Cheer up ;-)

Time to go..

For me, it's time to go. I will post the highlights from Corfu island the next days. Happy Easter!


Summer Scenery in Greek islands

Summer is all around and the only I can think is vacation in islands! Some pictures from my last weekend in Chalkida.





Visual Merchandising: Kapalı Çarşı

In Kapalı Çarşı, one of the world's oldest markets, you can find everything, even all stars with lace! Enjoy..

Kapalı Çarşı

Kapalı Çarşı


Lousy Sunday's Dress Code: Mix & Match

Mix and Match style is the most tricky for many women. Although, I think these women nailed it! It is contemporary, casual and fabulous.


New York is always THE Passion!

I have to say that I prefer to post street style photos. Although, this is an exception as this photoshoot captured my mind! It is full of colors and New York! Looking these photos, you can smell New York and its street style which is propably the most inspiring. Cara Delevingne is very expressive. She has a very dynamic figure. I believe this is the best photoshoot for this spring. I love the urban scenery and the contemporary style.

Cara Delevingne for the DKNY campaign spring summer 2013

Cara Delevingne for the DKNY campaign spring summer 2013


Lousy Sunday's Dress Code: Floral all over the city

Floral Blazer

Maria Duenas Jacobs wearing a floral & preppy style shirt
That's a really good fashion in blossom! Spread the spring feeling around.


Enjoy Greek Halloween


This weekend is the official Greek Halloween. I like this holiday as we are able to explore our styling horizons and feel free to express our idees and idols. So, I am waiting to see tonight initiative costums and fabulous parties!!!Enjoy.


Visual Merchandising: Prada & Louis Vuitton, Athens, Spring 2013

Prada, Visual Merchandising in Athens, Spring Summer 2013

Louis Vuitton, Visual Merchandising in Athens, Spring Summer 2013

Louis Vuitton, Visual Merchandising in Athens, Spring Summer 2013

Louis Vuitton, Visual Merchandising in Athens, Spring Summer 2013

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Ralph Lauren.Easter Inspiration.at Madison Ave & 71 St


Highlights from Paris Fashion Week Fall Winter 2013

Anna Dello Russo with an enormous Mannish hat, Paris Fashion Week Fall Winter 2013

Pink Valentino Shoes,  Paris Fashion Week Fall Winter 2013

Manolo Blahnik pumps , a modern princess in Paris Fashion Fall Winter 2013

Grey Hat with black Veil, Paris Fashion Fall Winter 2013

Elisa Naslin wearing a headband, Paris Fashion Fall Winter 2013

Mannish Stye, Paris Fashion Fall Winter 2013

Ulyana Sergeenko wearing an enormous black vintage style hat.

The most impressive styling of Paris Fashion Week 2013, Printed long coat & Vivid  red headband.

Blue & White Printed Suit and Kenzo Top, Paris Fashion Week Fall Winter 2013

Yellow Kenzo Skirt & Colorfull mannich shoes, Paris Fashion Week Fall Winter 2013

It's officially a hat season. The most characteristic and impressive accessories of this fashion week are hats & headbands. Prints are also the new black for the upcoming season. So enjoy mix & match combinations.

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