Street chic for all types of women..from all the fashion capitals of this world..and some of others :-)

 From Milan..

From New York..

From Tokyo..

What is missing from our lives ?? Probably the SKY & STARS....

We live on earth but we always look at the stars..there is something adventurous there..So , D & G fall collection 2011 is full of stars!!Through this we can live on stars at some level. Let's ignore daily problems and put a little star shine in our lives. Imagine..

The best 5 dresses of the oscar 2011!!

Michelle Willia, Chanel Couture

Gwyneth Paltro, Calvin Klein

Scarlet Johansson, D&G

Cate Blanchet, Givenchy

Anne Hathaway, Vintage Valentino


Style from Korea...

The little girl in black..so young so woman...! Total black look.. so hot!


Στι 30 μαρτίου ξεκινάει η ελληνική εβδομάδα μόδας που θα διαρκέσει μέχρι 3 απριλίου. Ότι καλύτερο δημιουργεί η ελληνική μόδα σήμερα θα έχουμε την ευκαιρία να το παρακολουθήσουμε σ'ένα φαντασμαγορικό   show!!! Φήμες λένε ότι θα είναι καλύτερο από το Madwalk!!! Enjoy!!Don't miss it!
 Το πρόγραμμα του fashion week έρχεται!!!

The spring is already here but the summer is coming!!!

   It's time to think how to spend it and with what outfit!!! Fashion is always at the heart of every season!

source : Vogue Fashion Community by Justicepirate