Sophie Windsor with Armani and impressive Phillip Treacy hat the Royal Wedding

Maybe the most elegant lady of the royal wedding, Sophie Windsor with Armani Prive outfit and a fabulous Phillip Treacy hat!

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Victoria Beckham with Phillip Treacy hat at the royal wedding..

Victoria Beckham at the royal wedding..

Victoria's dress is a tunic black dress from her collection AW 2011
Her hat is Philip Treacy and her shoes are of course Louboutin!!

David wears a Ralph Lauren grey suit.

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Lacy Hat.Widow Birdcage veil. Now in Vogue by Olsen's

Lacy Hat.Widow Birdcage veil

Royal couple, the absolute dress...!!!

The royal wedding dress is fabulous!  Chic , lacy and perfect!!

Kate's royal wedding dress..

The royal wedding dress is fabulous!  Chic , lacy and perfect!!


Chic, comfortable and colorful...!

A sophisticated and comfortable outfit for daytime! Long and bright green skirt with orange chic slim heels and Coco bag!!

How to wear a long skirt??

Prefer heels to make our legs seem longer.
A belt would be necessary to control the shape of the outfit!


The new " Louis Vuitton" girl , Angelina Jolie !!

The new " louis vuitton" girl for autumn/winter 2011-2012 , Angelina Jolie is probably the face of Louis Vuitton. Rumors mention  that there is already a gold contract ( about 10 $ million) between Angelina and Louis Vuitton.


''Louis Vuitton" Myth...

Louis Vuitton Man!! One of the greatest campaign in fashion industry is the Louis one!! The combination of nature and colorful but always classy art pieces!!

Mocassino shoes in one of the hottest color of the season 

Louis things..

The man of Louis Vuitton knows what to wear and how to wear it!! 

Louis Vuitton offers us not only fashion garments but mostly experience in a stylish world


Male Street style from Paris, April 2011

Male Street style from Paris

Long and fabulous...

            Nikos Apergis dress from Athens Fashion week 2011

Full of colors and motifs . It reminds us the Missioni style but it is absolutely impressive

Dassios Show- Athens Fashion week 2011

Dassios Show F/W 2011-2012

Dassios used very vivid colors to make our winter more fun and us more optimistic..Hats, gloves and long dresses are the hits of this winter!

Denim look ..Hot shorts and Big Classy Chic Hats

 Hot denim shorts
This season, all the aspects of denim are hot!! Combined always with high heels!