Ripped jeans in Vogue..

Natasha Poly at French Vogue 
Maison Martin Margiela Jeans

My Favorite trend trend of the year: Ripped jeans! I love the upcoming rock aspect of fashion! Enjoy...

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  1. Interesting that you used a model explicitly..
    What kind of a message are you trying to send messages to young girls like me?
    You're kind of meant to be a role model but anyways..
    I do love the trend though

    1. I completely agree with u...I'm 18 & still agree that they should have at least had her top half covered

  2. I am sorry that I answered so late but I saw your comment right now. I didn't use a model only but I cannot use personal photos exclusively to communicate the things that I like. Furthermore, I do not think the nudity is something that we have to be ashamed of and this is not something related to sex necessary. Mostly in Art, Photography and Fashion nude bodies want to express something. So, if you want to say anything else or to discuss it furthermore, please do not hesitate..

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