The sexiest fashion editorials ever!

When I was looking some old fashion editorials I found that the most amazing work in this type of editorial was done by Francois Berthier. The way that he put the girls in the photo was so sexy but so no slutty!! If you see them , you will be with me...



Street style

If you love the black and white color , you are always on fashion! The everyday life is so complicated , so choose the back,white and grey color and some colorful   accessories to be classy and cute!

 If you want to be more  spectacular and wear colorful outfit, there is always a way to do that..


The shoe of the day

All fashionistas love Manolo Blahnik's style for obvious reasons! ! I think this piece is maybe the most beautiful for this winter ! The ponny skin, the perfect heel and the green color make 'peresil' the stylist shoe for this year!

                   Peresil by Manolo Blahnik