Weekly.Inspo.Latoupi.Handmade Jewellery by Sofia Bazdra

I would like to present you a jewellery collection that i am excited with. They are original, handmade and so inspired! I fell in love with the vintage ones at first sight because they give you the sense of a different and more fairy era ! Every piece is sole giving a more personal touch in an outfit. It is also the great example of the "beauty of craftsmanship"! The creator of them is Sofia Bazdra, a new but so inspired jewellery designer and the brand name of Sofia's designs is "Latoupi". The used material are natural offering a special quality. The following pair of earrings is my favorite one!


You can see more on the Facebook page of Sofia Bazdra Designs which called Latoupi.

You can also communicate with Sofia Bazdra for any question regarding the jewellery or any interest in buying them at sofia_mpazdra@yahoo.gr.

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