Lousy Sunday's Dress Code: Preppy Style & Lace

Bow tie & preppy style

Brigitte Bardot , oversize bow with little white dots

Chic lacy collar

Romantic white lacy dress

Lacy shirt with round preppy collar
Preppy style is so classy and romantic. Round collars, high-quality lace and a lot of bows consist a very sophisticated and elegant look which is highly fitted with this winter. Sometimes, I think that everything is better with a bow.. :-)

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Hat Alert: 60's riding hat & Gossip girl season 6

Hat trend 2012: 60's Riding Hat

Leighton Meester (as Blair Waldorf) wearing a 60's riding hat in gossip girl season 6, episode 4.

Caroline Charles 60's Hat

Audrey Hepburn with 60's riding hat

60's Riding hat is so impressive and chic. I am addicted to 60's style and I love this hat trend. In addition, as we do not have any money for gas in Greece anymore, we will definitely need a riding hat to use our horses :-)

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Bows.Bows.tie bows

Tie bows & Preppy Style
One of the most interesting trends of 2012 is tie bows, sometimes oversize bows. I love this classic preppy style. It is a bit mannish but at the same time so romantic..

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Lousy Sunday's Dress code: Long Skirts & Oversize Sweaters


Katerini, Street Style in a rainy day.

Shirt: Light Blue, Grey and Beige Country style
Top: Men's Blue Hooded Sweatshirt  by Wesc
Men's Blue Leather casual shoes

I spotted the stylish man, Alexandros Fakas at "Αλφαβητάρι" cafe in Katerini.

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