Sometimes there are no words to describe a piece of art. You just stay speechless by its beauty and elegance.


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Oversize High Quality Necklaces

Chanel Little Black Dress


Élégance Intemporelle. Hermès

Hermès: Working Girl
What a briefcase, What an inspiration! I love the lines and the structure of this briefcase. It feels Retro but I think it is all time classic. As far as the leather concerned, high quality soft leather is my favorite.

Source: Harper's Bazaar.com


Backstage moments-Street Style

I so love backstage photos when every person of the fashion show can indicate their personal style and their natural attitude in front of a camera.  For me, these are the highlights of the backstage play.

Models for Marc Jacob's show wearing Marc's fabulous print foulard

Cropped pants with magnificent black leather peep toe shoes

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Street Style.Snake Style


Oversize necklaces in Fashion week

Oversize Silver necklace

Miroslava Duma with green oversize necklace and clutch

Oversize necklace is the key
Fashion limelights are meant to be to fashion shows but street style gains our attention too!


Thank god, it's Friday!

When Friday comes and the work is over. Everyone enjoys a cup of couture! And of course a coffee :-)!

Denim chic & classic bone eye-wear

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NY Street Denim Style

Paris. Male street style

Cropped Pants


Street Style. Snake Style.

I fell in love with her style. I so love green and the snake shoes and pochette bags make it so sophisticated. That's perfect.

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Weekly.inspo.Patterned Clutch

Chanel Addiction. Most inspired bags

Louis Vuitton Automn

Weekly.Inspo.Patterned Clutch

I am so inspired by patterns and prints. I think pattern makes our style so colorful and sophisticated. The patterns mostly inspired by 60's trends are so adorable in street style that I couldn't resist to purchase them.

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Fall is all around.Fashion Fall 2012

Beige & Black Combination

Oversize Necklaces


Fall 2012. The new season just came..Love fall fashion

After yesterday's full moon and the good bye to an intense summer, it is time for a renewing and inspiring season in our lives and style (of course :-)). Fall is my favorite season. I love the change of nature, the wind, the rain and season's little details that we could add to our everyday life and make us happy. So enjoy Fall and Fashion Fall!!!

The above photo is from Carolinesmode

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Beige & Black combination