Black.and.White. Alert

The exceptional and fabulous combination of black and white in the below photos makes me wonder if  colors are necessary...


Louis Vuitton's window decoration in Cologne

What is greater in the pic?
Louis Vuitton can always impress us not only by the stunning apparel and leather goods but also  by the original way the Brand uses to present them. The company always makes us not to get away from its window... 

Photo by Leila Benamar


Chocolate shoes

When I saw them, I want to eat and wear them at the same time :-)
 A dreamy shoe from the Chocolate land..

From: Cologne, Germany


Blake Lively in Chanel outfit

Blake Lively in  Chanel tweed top with feathered peplum and  pencil skirt. The elegance  is a typical for Blake..One of the more impressive combination of accessories.


Penny's loafer come back

Penny's loafer shoes are the most wanted pair of shoes for this season. From Audrey Hepburn,Grace Kelly and Brigitte Bardot to Kate Moss era , penny's loafers has still been inspiring  all of fashionistas...


Street Chic in Fashion Capitals

The most incredible fashion statements from the fashion weeks.
For this year, I think street chic statements in Milan rock the most. 


 Elisa Nalin, stylish. The greatest combination of outfits & accessories.Loved her style..



Catherine Fuller. 
One of the most beloved outfit ever!

New York.

source: Vogue.com